Publishing Feature Activation error after SharePoint 2007 to 2010 migration

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After migrating your SharePoint 2007 content database to your new x64 SharePoint 2010 farm you receive errors when trying to use or activate the SharePoint Publishing feature.


You may never come across this issue, and hopefully you never will, but if you do this post will save you days trying to solve it!


Farm 1

  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 SP2 x86
  • Windows Server 2003 x86
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Farm 2

  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 (14.0.4762.1000) x64
  • Windows Server 2008 x64
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Notes: Same SQL Server Instance is used for both farms.


There are two main upgrade paths to upgrade your SharePoint farm from SharePoint 2007 to the new SharePoint 2010. Basically in place upgrade, you simply install the new version of SharePoint "over the top" and hope for the best or migrate your content databases to a new farm.

I chose to migrate my Intranet content database as my existing hardware was not compatible, ie it wasn't 64 bit.

All was fine, I followed the Microsoft Guide on "Perform a database attach upgrade to SharePoint Server 2010", I ran all the pre upgrade checks with no issues.

I then went to enable the publishing feature on my shiny new "SharePoint 2010 Intranet" and hit my issue.

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