Document Versioning in SharePoint 2010

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Comparing multiple versions

MS-Office applications have integration with SharePoint and hence these applications allow you to Check-out a document, compare two versions etc. As you can see in the image below, it shows the list of versions of the opened document along with several other options.

These applications allow you to compare the versions of the document that could be either comparing two major versions or last two any versions.

In the screen below, you can see the comparison result of versions of the document. On the right top corner you can see the original document. On the right bottom you can see the changed document and on the left side you can see summary of the changes.

Enabling the Create major and minor (draft) versions option gives you slightly different options. As minor versions get created before a document gets published (at that time major version is created), you specify who all will be able to see these minor versions.

When you have a look into the version history of the document, when the library has been enabled for Create major and minor (draft) versions you will notice a slightly different view...

A document needs to be published to create a major version and make it ready for a wider audience. To do that click on the document and then click on the Publish a Major Version menu as shown below. This will create a new major version of the document.

While publishing  a document (creating a major version), you can specify the comments about the changes to the version as shown below that helps in understanding the version when having a look into version history and hence help in tracking.

If you have enabled Content Approval for your document library, you will notice two new menu options (Cancel Approval and Approve/Reject) as shown below. You can also see that the Approval Status for the document is Pending as it has not been approved yet:

While approving or rejecting the version, you can specify your review comments in the comment section. (Shown below.)


  • For a SharePoint list the only option available for versioning is to "Create major versions".

  • You need Design or Full Control permission in order to enable versioning.

  • To disable versioning for a library or list, go to the Library or List Settings and select No Versioning and click OK. This will remove all previous versions and prevent future versioning.

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