Convert Excel Forms into InfoPath Forms

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There may be times when users have created forms in Excel or Word, but we need them in SharePoint in a web-based version. How can I handle that easily using InfoPath? (read more...)


The solution is to use InfoPath's import feature which can convert forms from Excel/word.

I have an Excel form which looks like the following:

Now open an instance of InfoPath 2007 and you can see an option of "Import a form". Click on it.

You will be prompted for a destination type from where you want to import a form. It could be either an Excel or Word form. For now, select "InfoPath importer for Excel workbooks"

Click on Browse to select the Excel form file.

Click on options, to customize the default options (for instance, whether you want to detect repeating tables or not, to convert cells containing formulas to textbox and others). For now, leave the default settings and click OK.

Click on 'Finish' and now you can see that InfoPath has created a similar kind of structure and relative fields in the form structure.

This is a great method of having your users design a form in a tool they are familiar with, while minimizing your development time.

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