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Site logo and title

Having used themes to apply a color scheme to your site, the next step is to add your corporate logo and title to the banner.

In a publishing site, a good starting point might be to grab the Adventure Works logo and title, to use as a template. That way, you know the size will work well in SharePoint. Open the Style Library in the top level site and navigate into the Images folder. There you will see a number of images used by the nightandday master page, all named with nd_.

Images folder in Style Library

From the context menu for nd_logo, select Send To > Download a Copy and save a copy on your local machine.

If you open this file with Paint, you will just see a blank image, because the logo is white on a transparent background. You need to use a program that understands transparency, such as the (free) Paint.NET. With this, you will see the Adventure Works logo in all its white glory.

nd_logo shown in Paint.NET

On a non publishing site, where this logo is not available to copy, create a new image about 300 X 40 pixels in size.

Replace this with your own logo and title in a similar style. First, zoom in to 200% or 400% (using the drop down in the middle of the toolbar), then use the rectangular select tool (the first one in the tool palette on the left) to select the whole picture, then press the delete key to erase Adventure Works.

nd_logo file with logo erased

Next, select the text tool, and experiment with typing the site title until you find a font you like in a size that neatly fits the space. Also copy in your corporate logo. Here, I used an atom symbol from the Segoe font as a logo at the start (pasted in from the Character Map system tool in Windows).

New logo typed in black

If you want to make the logo white like Adventure Works was, select the recolor tool, make white the primary color and black the secondary color in the color palette, increase the brush width to 50, and drag across the image to change the black into white.

New logo recoloured into White

However, SharePoint tends to show the logo on light backgrounds, so a white logo appears rather washed out. I therefore made the text black and the logo orange.

New logo in black and orange

Save your new logo to your computer using the name new_logo.png, then upload it to the images folder in the Style Library.

Now we need to tell SharePoint to use this as the site logo. To do this, go into Site Actions > Site Settings, then select "Title, description, and icon" in the Look and Feel section.

Selecting a new site icon in site settings

For the URL, enter the path to the new logo file in the style library. You can use the link provided to test that the path is correct. If you left the logo as white on a transparent background, the preview test page will appear blank, but as long as you don't see an error message presumably the path is correct. Press OK, and voilą! Our custom logo has replaced the standard little orange icon in the banner.

Settings page showing new logo

On the site home page, our custom logo has also replaced Adventure Works.

Site home page with new logo

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