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So, who has permission to now approve documents. As it turns out, there is a special SharePoint permission for this purpose. Coincidentally, it's called "Approve". Your document approver(s) will have this permission. Users that you want to be able to submit documents (but not approved them) will get "Contribute" permission.

Permission setup for Approver:

Permissions setup for Contributor:

To revise or otherwise downgrade an "Approved" document, select "Unpublish this version" from the document dropdown. This can be done by either Approvers or Contributors.

If you are using both minor and major versioning (with the decimals), you submit documents for approval by "Publishing" them.

To "Approve" (or Reject) documents, select the "Approve/reject" option from the document dropdown. Only "Approvers" have the permission access to fulfill this option.

The Approver chooses the appropriate, and can even add a comment.

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