How to Add a Web Part Zone for SharePoint

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Editing Web Part Pages with SharePoint Designer

Now open the web page by clicking on it. 

Here's a view of the blank page.

Assuming you have SharePoint Designer 2007 installed, go to the "File" menu of Internet Explorer and select "Edit with Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer".

You will now see your page, in edit mode, from inside the SharePoint Designer. Note that the Web Part Zones exist within a standard HTML table. (You may need to open the "Design" tab in SharePoint Designer.)

Select the lower row of the table.

Then, from the "Table" menu in SharePoint Designer, select "Insert" and then "Row Below".

Click into the row you just created. For illustration purposes, I am going to add a table with 3 rows and 3 columns. From the "Table" menu, select "Insert Table". Use the parameters I have below (or anything you like).


In the top left cell of the table, I now add a Web Part Zone:

 Insert --> SharePoint Controls --> Web Part Zone.

(The graphic below looks like I am in the HTML menu, I am really not.)

Repeat the procedure for each cell in the table.

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