Creating a SharePoint Helpdesk: Part 1

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I know how to create basic SharePoint lists to track information, but I would like to create a dynamic workflow application for submitting and tracking helpdesk requests.


The purpose of this article is to both give you a (MOSS 2007 or WSS3) solution that you can actually use for handling helpdesk requests and to act as a learning solution where you will learn skills to create your own SharePoint applications.

Solution description

The application begins with a helpdesk request, made by any authenticated user. Using a SharePoint list form, the user completes a basic description of the problem, selects a problem category and priority. Once submitted, the Helpdesk Manager receives an email notification about the issue, with a link to the details about the request. The Helpdesk Manager assigns a technician, adding or editing fields as needed. When the manager makes the assignment, the technician receives an automated email with a link to the request item. To keep the original updated on issue progress, whenever the technician changes the list item, the user gets an automated email notification whenever the ticket item gets changed.

This solution contains 2 SharePoint lists, 1 site group, and 3 workflows. The material will be presented in 3 parts (one part per day). Each part will contain 1 of the needed workflows for the entire application.


To create this solution you should have a basic understanding about the following:

  • Creating SharePoint lists, able to add and remove fields.
  • You should have "full control" permissions in the target site for the application.
  • That you have SharePoint Designer 2007 installed.
  • You have a new blank site created for the application using unique permissions.

Application Roles

There are 3 basic roles in this application.

  1. The user making the request.
  2. The Helpdesk Manager, in charge of reviewing the request, reprioritizing and/or making changes if necessary, and assigning the request to a technician.
  3. The technician assigned to work on the issue.

Let's begin...

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